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Importance of AA Coins

Earning a medallion takes an enormous effort from a recovering addict. This means that each day comes with its struggles as you can never deny that quitting alcohol is difficult. AA chips remind you that you have come from far in the challenging route and that you are strong.

Alcoholic anonymous was formed with the purpose of aiding people to overcome alcohol addiction. People don’t have to pay a registration fee to become a member of this organisation. One needs just a passion for overcoming alcohol. Alcoholics anonymous provides AA chips to both female and male members. People have a chance to share many things related to their alcoholism struggles.

When one joins this group, he is given a chip which signifies the desire to be free from consumption of any alcoholic drink. This chips remind someone that they have started a journey which must be run the full course. These chips help you count the time that you have been free from alcoholism. The coins are a motivation that one can completely abstain from this drug if they have managed to be free for some time.

It is a grand celebration to see one day pass without taking alcohol as this shows that it’s possible to quit. These medallions help you to be focused on the main reason why you want to remove alcohol from your life.

Most people are impressed by these medallions which people to make them the screen savers on their phones. They are made of different shape and color. Due to their various models, recovering addicts will long to see what the next coin look like. These coins are light, and thus you can go with them anywhere you go. Its quality has made people buy them.

You can never go wrong when you treasure the Coins to motivate your recovery journey. Different Designs indicate the time that an individual has been free from alcoholism. Colors are meant to identify different times when a person stayed without alcohol.

It is a souvenir which can be kept for years for people to remember the journey they have taken to get rid of alcoholism. People have given testimonies of how the AA coins have helped them regain their sobriety after many years of struggling to leave alcohol. When you look at the AA coins and know that it was difficult to be sober then you will have a zero desire for alcoholic beverages.

Use of these coins make individuals aware that they can change their lives for better. People who had lost direction in life can pick up themselves and lead meaningful lives. These individuals start doing things that advance their lives. Instead of using the money to get drunk, they put it to meaningful use. People regain their natural beauty when they stop alcohol addiction. They also get new friends. It also relieves the community the burden of having a drunkard among them.

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