Tips For Becoming Famous On Instagram

Social networking sites give everyone a shot at their fifteen minutes or more of fame. Instagram is one of the hottest apps these days, and lots of photographers are hoping to get their work viewed by as many people as possible. The following are some tips for becoming famous on Instagram.

Tip #1: Choose a good username. If you want to be known by your real name online, then use your real name as part of your Instagram name. Using your own name helps you to claim it as part of your brand. If your name is very common, you may have a hard time coming up with a version you can use. One of the best ways to get access to a common name like “John Smith” is to incorporate it into a unique phrase, like “John_Smith_has_2_left_feet.” Adding characters like periods or underscores can make your username easy to read. If you prefer to use a different name for your Instagram account, spend some time choosing a clever and catchy one that will be easy for others to remember.

Tip #2: Upload great content regularly. Hone your photography and photo-editing skills so that you’re posting images that other people will like and admire. (However, make sure to identify photos as edited so that no one is misled.) You should be uploading new content daily or at least several times a week to keep people’s attention. Captions and hashtags that give your photos context and meaning are important to include.

Tip #3: Build your fan base. One way to get people to follow you is by following other Instagram users and engaging with them. That means liking their photos, leaving comments, and following up with replies as necessary. In addition, it’s important to reward comments on your own pics with polite and engaging replies that start a conversation. Another way to increase the number of people who follow your account is to purchase them from a service that sells followers, comments, and likes. When your account is followed by thousands of people, it enhances your reputation and draws attention to your content.