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Live a Gut-Healthy Life By Following These Steps

Everyday, life is full of challenges and these challenges are being met by an amazing complex machine known as the human body. Nonetheless, you should know that not every part of our body is considered as ‘human’. Our human bodies are able to host trillions of bacteria and these bacteria are known as the microbiome.

This diverse ecosystem has good guys known to us as probiotics, which is working with our own cells to ensure that we are healthy all the time by supporting our immune system, digestive system, memory, nutrient absorption, and even in keeping our emotions intact. It is the job of these microscopic superheroes to make sure that unfriendly invaders are not allowed to enter our bodies as it helps in the production of enzymes and vitamins.

Balance is the key to a healthy microbiome, just like everything in life. You need to have a balanced population of bacteria so that you can keep yourself healthy and the ratio for this should be about 15% of the bad and 85% of the good microbes.

One should be able to know the secret in achieving this balance which is to have a better understanding of what environmental factors and lifestyle is able to affect greatly in the microbe-friendly choices that one makes on a daily basis. To keep yourself healthy all the time, you need to optimize your gut health by learning more about it since it was only recently that the importance of our microbial self has been discovered by the modern society.

There are aspects in our lives that we absolutely have no control over and these include those nitty-gritty items that we need to know more about such as our microbiome.

Where you born with a mom who is rich in probiotics when she gave to you?

The aspect of our health will greatly depend on the quality that we have from our microbial inheritance which happened between mother to child, since our microbiome is being handed down to us from one generation to the other. A mom with a thriving microbiome who is able to give birth vaginally to a child is considered healthier than those who have been born through a Cesarean section. The development of your immune system begins in the first few months of your life that is why you need to understand that its effects in the initial microbe inoculation may last a lifetime considering that 80% of the immune system is in the gut.

Have you been breastfed exclusively?

You have to know about this aspect of yourself since this can greatly affect your future. The health that you have today is a great effect of what your mother had been feeding you decades ago and you can read up on this topic.

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