The Continued Evolution of M&Ms: A Sweet New Era

I remember years ago when the family got together to watch Sunday football. Grandmother, then an 80-year-old widow and as contrary as ever, always brought a large bag of peanut M&Ms.

Shepoured them into a large bowl and kept them close. She always had to inspect what each person took. She wanted all the green ones for herself. I remember her diligent search through the bowl, mischief in her eyes. “You know what they say about the green ones,” she’d say, and we would all join in her little bit of fun.

If Grandmother were still around, she’d be thrilled to learn that she could now buy a whole bag of green M&Ms, with her name on them if she pleased. M&Ms have continued to progress and embrace new concepts of flavorful entertainment over the last few decades. Expanding from the few simple colors I knew as a child, there are colors for every occasion, from pastels to colors like electric green, gold or aqua. With the 25 choices currently available, it’s a whole new chocolate fantasy land. Willie Wonka never had it so good. After all, they are all M&Ms, one of America’s favorites candies.

Since 1941 M&Ms have been satisfying chocolate cravings while famously keeping our hands clean, even in hot weather. Now the candy-coated treats have also added flavors for just about any taste, such as almond, caramel, pretzel, and mint. A special My M&Ms website offers the treats in bulk for just about any occasion. Celebrations of birthdays, weddings, graduations and many holidays can be appropriately supplied with just the right color or color combination. 

Not only colors, but personalized messages are now an option. School colors with graduation pictures, anniversary captions, or baby shower illustrations are just a few of the offerings. There are websites which continuously offer discounts and coupons, making your purchase even more appetizing to your budget. Individual containers or bulk bags are available. You could take a bowl of specially designed Mother’s Day treats to a family gathering, or a Spring blend to work just to celebrate the season, or offer messages of affection to that special someone.

M&Ms have met the new century with innovation and style. These delightful candies have made appearances on the big screen, as promotional gimmicks, and as sports team sponsors. The M&M ‘spokescandies’ have taken on a life of their own, and M&M collectibles have found a consistent unique niche. They’re educational, too. I used M&Ms to help my own children learn to count. 

I know there are a few people out there who inexplicably just don’t care for chocolate. I suppose there are peanut butter M&Ms if you really must abstain. But for the rest of us confessed chocoholics, M&Ms will remain the classic treat they have been for the last 77 years. The many new choices inspire a whole new generation of mischief makers. There’s no better way to celebrate than chocolate, after all.