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Why People Love Ty Beanie Boos. Let’s face it, it’s that time of the year when someone can go without a meal just to save up to buy a nice Ty Beanie Boo, yes, it is the Valentine’s Month.Ladies, most especially, would go the extra mile to get themselves a lovely big Ty Beanie Boo of their own if they are not dating.Children too love them, especially a girl child; while a boy child may be crying over a bicycle for a birthday present, a girl child on the other hand would be sad if she never got to receive a Beanie Boo from her parents during her birthday. Men are actually taking the initiative to get down to the gift shop or a supermarket to get their ladies these stuffed animals. These Ty Beanie Boos come in different sizes and different kind of animals; dogs, monkeys, giraffes, leopard, fox, rabbit, zebra, lion, kangaroo, bears to mention but a few. What is the unique feature in them that people are crazy of? These are innocent non living creatures that most of us talk to. Tell it all you feel, your secrets and you can be sure there can never be a better non living creature to open up to. For children they believe that everything has thoughts and feelings (anthropomorphic). They always want them to respond like a human being, they talk to them like a fellow friend and cry when it doesn’t respond or cry with them. If a child is hit by something and he/she starts crying, if you gave them a Ty Boos, she or he will just forget about what hit him or her and start playing with it.
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You cuddle them when you miss your loved ones and life goes on. It is a constant reminder of the love of the person who purchased the Ty Beanies for you, be it your mother, your dad, or a close friend.
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Touching a Ty Boo, has the magical effect to help reduce stress.The market for these Ty Boos will never come to a stop. It could be soiled, tattered or dirty but we still keep them, because you two have gone through a lot together, and anyway, who would want to part with a life partner?Thus, it is okay whether a child or an adult to keep these Ty Beanie Boos around you. To conclude, Ty Beanie Boo world is one of the amazing world to live in.Children grow up knowing that they have a royal friend. You always gaze at them and see that person in those soft toys, and somehow wish they are with you, or never left at all.It is okay to cry when things get tough, it is okay to laugh when happy and it is okay to smile when you know you made the best decision to buy or keep a Ty Boo.