Qualities of Exceptional Catering Companies

Catering companies are critical when planning an event or even a special dinner at home. They provide all types of food, services, decor, and utensils and the flexibility to have the event anywhere. Corporation meetings and retreats, fundraisers, weddings, parties, and reunions do not need to be planned at a resort that includes a kitchen and on-site food services. The best aspect is the host can relax and enjoy the event instead of running around making sure guests have what they need.

Finding the Right One

Like all service businesses, catering companies range from terrible to exceptional with many classifications in between. No one wants to be stuck with the terrible, poor, or mediocre companies. They will embarrass the host or planner, the bad food is what attendees will remember, and the money spent will not have been worth the services.

Planners may be able to get away with an ordinary company that was good but inconsistent or a decent company, depending on the event. A causal lunch during a seminar, for example, does not have to be top-notch. If the bread is not stale, there is a variety of chips from which to choose, and the cookies are pleasant, the lunch is generally deemed a success. Ordinary for a wedding, however, is unacceptable.

Determining the Best

Exceptional caterers have similar qualities that distinguish them from the rest. One is a wide variety of everything. That means customers enjoy a wide variety of food choices, themes, services, ordering methods, price points, help with planning, and delivery options. Platters for a soccer game is one example. Customers can order mini platters, large platters, mix-and-match snack items, add plates and utensils, have the platters delivered to the house, pick them up at a specified time, and decide if they want drinks included.

Serving Formats

In addition to delivering ordered food, exceptional caterers can also serve a sit-down formal meal, set up a buffet table, tend a bar for cocktail hour, and have servers at live buffet stations. Most will also set up the meal and dining area as well as clean up. The host does not need to worry about any of those aspects. Keep these qualities in mind when searching for the best buffet catering service in Singapore.