How To Create A Stylish

Home Bar

Building a bar in the home can seem a very attractive proposition. For many it will be a way of creating an additional leisure space and focal point to compliment the home environment, so it will need to be stylish and impressive. Here are some ideas that may help to realise a home bar project but for more help and inspiration consult a professional company practised in bar design, such as  Dawnvale .

Where to start?

There are a number of things to consider before actually starting to design and build a stylish home bar. These can be broken down into categories:

  • location
  • budget
  • theme
  • equipment

These are only basics to stimulate thinking, but it should be remembered that none is more important than the other. They are all linked and will inform planning, design and the ultimate outcome of the project.


This will dictate details such as size and the type of equipment that can be added. For example if only a small corner of an average sized room is available and it does not lend itself well to adding water and electricity supplies, then building a bar with electrically-powered equipment and a water supply will be more costly and time consuming. Location will also dictate overall size of the bar and therefore its basic design.


Unless limitless funds are available it is always wise to set a budget and stick to it. Apart from anything else this will help to focus down on materials, equipment and details. The whole thing needs to work together so things should match and look well with each other and a budget can help with this. An example would be a very basic straight bar built from budget-priced materials with little sophistication, but equipped with a very expensive piece of equipment from what is considered a luxury range. It will stand out and put the rest of the bar to shame. It should be remembered that a budget can always be adjusted, upwards or downwards.


Style means a considered approach and this needs a theme. It doesn’t matter how simple a theme may be, so long as it is applied to the overall design and equipping of the bar. A simple uncluttered bar area with simple basic equipment all of a contemporary but unfussy design is fine and will work. So will a more complicated design, for example with an Art Deco theme so long as the overall design and equipment and accessories match. Mixing Art Deco with an extremely contemporary design in a bright colour will not work as well. The theme should also, of course, compliment the overall feel and style of the home and not work against it.


Budget, location and theme will help with the choosing of equipment. Pieces should be functional, within budget and compliment the rest of the bar. Only necessary equipment should be chosen as it is easy to overcrowd and over-equip a home bar.