How to Be Smart About the Risks of Traveling the World Solo

A perfect world is a dream because bad things do happen sometimes. But you can keep yourself safe, especially when you consider yourself a solo world traveler.

There are ways to be smart about your safety while calculating the risks of solo world travel. Read on for a few tips.

Check out Reviews and Reliable, Reputable Ratings for Anywhere You Stay, Regardless of Destination

You should plan ahead to where you will be staying at any destination. It’s the smart thing to do. For these hotels, hostels, motels, or rents, brush up on reliable, reputable reviews, with positive ratings from at least 50 fellow travelers.

Research the Top Worldwide Destinations for a Solo Traveler

Some destinations are simply dangerous for solo travelers. It’s a sad truth. However, there is plenty of research online that should give you an idea of the best destinations for single sightseers. Italy, for example, is known for being solo traveler-friendly, with plenty of self-guided tours across some of the world’s most beautiful places.

Tip: You should also research why these places are famous in the first place. Is their arts scene a huge part of a bigger global movement? Or have the locals monopolized the market on bulk almonds? As a solo traveler, it’s fun to learn the quirks of where you’re headed, regardless of how silly those quirks might seem.

Avoid Destinations That are Deemed Dangerous (i.e. High Crime Rates, Severe Intolerance, etc.)

There are several locations throughout the world where crime and intolerance are the norm. Which is why you should do thorough destination research and weed out those dangerous places as ones you should avoid.

Side note: Regardless of where you go, you should remember to have respect for the different cultures and beliefs in that area. Disrespect anywhere could always be dangerous, especially if locals hold those values dear.

Tell Loved Ones Where You are Going—Include ALL of Your Destinations and Travel Plan

While taking a spontaneous trip somewhere might sound exciting and fun, it’s also risky, depending on where you go. So, regardless of where your journey leads, tell your loved ones. Let them in on all of your travel plans, give them a copy of your itinerary, and call, text, or email to check in on a regular basis. Develop a plan for safety and stick to it. The biggest key to safety as a solo traveler is preparing for every possibility.