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What You Need to Know About Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells have become an essential part of many treatment therapies in the world. This is because these cells have two unique characteristics that are very essential when it comes to treatments. The first reason is that they can replicate to create similar cells. The other reason is that they can easily mature into specialized cells that are used in the body for a specific function in either the skin, bones, or even muscles.

Stem cells have been hailed as a revolutionary discovery that occurred in the medical field. These cells have made it possible to cure diseases that have been stubborn for a very long period. The most notable diseases that have been successfully cured using stem cells include diabetes, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases. Apart from these, stem cells have also been used to cure many other diseases. There are also clinical trials that are ongoing regarding the use of stem cells to cure blindness, spinal cord injuries, and stroke.

In the over 60 years that stem cells have been in use, they have proven to be very helpful in the treatment of major diseases. Bone marrow transplant has been the best and most successful way of getting stem cells. This success has made it possible to acquire the cells hence treat a wide range of diseases that affect both children and adults. Extracting bone marrow is a prolonged, painful, and expensive process and in cases where it is not possible, doctors normally harvest the cells from the umbilical cord, where they are cheaper to acquire.
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When it comes to treating diseases found in the immune system, blood cells have played a major role. This can be seen in the success that medical practitioners have had in treating thousands of children suffering from leukemia. The stem cells normally replicate hence replace the cells in places that have been affected by this disease causing it to heal. This has also enabled treatment of diseases and injuries that affect the bones, skin, and the surface of the eye. With these diseases, treatment is done through grafting and implanting of the tissues.
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Unlike drugs, stem cells don’t dissolve in the body when used in treatments. Rather, they are living cells that normally grow and can react with the body in different ways since they remain in the body at all times. It is, therefore, mandatory for doctors to practice extra care when administering this treatment and also monitor the patient’s progress regularly to ensure that no negative reactions occur. It is important to understand that stem cells are harvested from different kinds of the body, with each of them meant for specific purposes.