Food Business Opportunities That Are All Around Us

Food is a basic human needs are the most important because all men must need food to provide nutrients and energy to the body. And the business of food / culinary arguably one type of business that will never “die” because it will always be sought after by many people to meet their body’s needs.

food around us

If we look at the markets, of course there are plenty of business opportunities foods that can be done by the prospective businessmen who like culinary business. Indonesian society is very well-known consumer compared to other countries, including in terms of food. And Indonesia is familiar with the type of food a diverse range of areas, ranging from snacks to main meals. The price range ranging from cheap, to expensive.

If we look at the food producers today, those who are successful culinary business are the ones who have predicted the business opportunities this meal for a long time. They are not like other business people who just went along with market trends, but they had predicted that the demand for one type of food will continue to increase from year to year, and they take advantage of it.

Some of these food producers did not have a previous background culinary efforts but they are still willing to jump in and work hard in the food business. To run culinary business is certainly not an easy thing. However, many people who take advantage of business opportunities to get food outstanding success and extremely helpful economies.

Well, if you want to try to take advantage of business opportunities foods that are around you, then you must make arrangements in advance. Obviously you need to do some research and preparation, what food products will be sold, pay attention to the demand in the market, how to process these foods, learn how food business management, marketing strategies, and others. Note that some of these preparations can be run together, not to make the implementation of the preparation process to be hampered.

Here are some types of food businesses that you may run, adjust to your interests and abilities:

  1. Run Enterprises Snacks

Almost all people in Indonesia like snacks. Consider the type of business snacks around you, there must be an awful lot. Some types of snacks that are very famous in our society are various fried, a variety of chips, cakes, and much more.

  1. Various Efforts Fry’s

Usually fried to run a business requires capital that is not too large, the initial capital is very pronounced because they have bought a lot of equipment and materials to start a business that fried food. Type fried foods are in demand in the market is fried bananas, yams and cassava fries, risoles, know the contents of fries, and fried tempeh. If you intend to run a business fried foods, make sure you always provide the kind of fried earlier because the demand is definitely very much.

Maybe open sound less effort fried foods cool for you, even some of the prospective businessmen do not want to do it because of pride or shame. But, for someone who has the soul of entrepreneurs, fried foods business is a business opportunity snacks that are potentially profitable. Well, it’s back to ourselves.

  1. Various Efforts Chips

Various chips are a snack that is much loved by our society. There are several types of chips are always in demand on the market, such as cassava chips, potato chips, banana chips, and others. Enterprises of various chips can also be done online, you know. There are some employers variety of chips that sell their products online, of course, the target market is becoming more widespread and could provide greater profits.

  1. Various Efforts Cakes

Today there are many types of cakes that are sold in the market, either online or offline. In my opinion, this type of cakes in general there are two, namely pastries and cakes moist. These cookies can last longer after it is produced and stored. In contrast to the wet cake, cake type is not durable and must be eaten quickly would otherwise stale and uncomfortable. Note the type of cake like what will you sell, if it matches your target market?

Based on my experience, cookies can be sold online or offline because it is more durable. For example nastar cake, cake snow princess, sago cheese cake, cake dahlia, and much more. Usually these kinds of pastries requested at certain moments, such as when going to Eid, Christmas and New Year.

While wet cakes are usually sold offline in traditional markets or in shopping centers. These wet cakes purchased more frequently than the pastries and demand very much. Some wet cake which is in demand in the market is a layer cake, cake donuts, steamed cake, sponge cake, cake apem, and others.

  1. Doing Business or Public Eating Restaurant

As already mentioned above, the food is basic human needs which can not be excluded. What is meant by a food stall / restaurant establishments which are not main meals snack or snack. If the Indonesian usually the main meal consisting of rice, side dishes, and vegetables. Food is sold at food stalls / restaurants, although it is possible they also sell food and soft drinks.

  1. Enterprises Public Eating

Usually this small diner is in demand when located around the office, campus, and school, because it is definitely the people there will foraging when the lunch hour. The type of food offered at the food stalls is usually a home-cooked meal with a relatively cheap price.

The capital required to build a food stall is relatively smaller than if we run a restaurant business. However, we need to realize that faith and perseverance are needed in running a food stall it.

  1. Enterprises Restaurant

To open a restaurant business, would need a large capital, especially if it is a brand new restaurant. Usually the restaurant business were built in shopping centers, downtown, and other places are easily visible. The type of food sold in the restaurant of course somewhat different to those sold in ordinary food stalls, and of course the price is also likely to be more expensive.

Restaurant that has been known usually already have a loyal customer himself who always return to their place. However, if the restaurant is brand new course, it takes effort and greater capital to make it famous. It is a challenge for an entrepreneur who operates a restaurant.


There are many business opportunities that food is all around us, but not all of them suit you. Therefore, you should really pay attention to the food business such as what is the most suitable for your run. Material capital are not primary to run a food business because in fact we can get from bank loans or loans from other places, such as from family or relatives. The most important capital for running a food business is the desire, planning, implementation, consistency, and innovation in business.

Thank you for reading my article, may provide inspiration for you.