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What Really Is A Hemp Extract? For most people, one of the things that they know about marijuana is its compound called THC. Getting high because of marijuana use is because of this substance. Even for marijuana users, some of them are not aware or know that there is another compound called CBD. This is the other side of marijuana as this is the one that provides all of the health benefits minus the side effects. You can find 60 compounds in a marijuana plant and THC and CBD are just some of them. These two are highlighted because they make up most of the plants compounds. For most people, they grow marijuana for recreational purposes. It is thus varieties that are made up of mostly THC than CBD. Depending on the variety, you will be able to see differences on the content of the compounds. Depending on the purpose if the plant, skilled growers will be able to alter these components. Because of the number of health benefits that the CBD compound has given, you may now see marijuana plants that have no trace of THC on it. That’s why it is this variety that you will get all of the health benefits without getting high. The cannabis plant has a non-intoxicating compound known as cannabidiol. A number of health benefits is what you can get from this compound due to its unique properties. People are now interested about this compound as this will not make people high. Recently, the compound has been seen to be effective against cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, arthritis, and many other diseases. A cannabis variety rich is CBD was discovered and that is where the revolution started back in 2009. A lab was then created by the researchers in a place where possession of the plant is not illegal. It is here where they slowly discovered the compounds health benefits. It is here where the CBD oils were first discovered and used. For a number of health reason, there have been a lot of people using the product already which contributed to its popularity. Like what has been mentioned, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high. The compound THC that makes people high acts on the CB1 receptors of your brain. A mind altering benefits is what you will get when your CB1 receptors will act upon by the THC compound as they are concentrated in your brain. These varieties of marijuana may not be for the people that want it for recreational purpose. But if you are looking for a plant that will provide you with a number of health benefits, then this will be a good choice. Since CBD acts differently and oppositely with THC, it can now be accounted as a valid medicine. Treatments using CBD has now been recommended by a number of doctor.The Art of Mastering Products

The Art of Mastering Products