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Advanced Features International Toilets Boast About The toilets in the majority of homes are somehow out of touch with the rest of the world. A visit abroad will help you appreciate that there is a huge disconnect when it comes to feature and appearance of public restrooms. It is such features that ensure use of the toilet becomes easy, and majority of them can be incorporated in your home. Heated Seats are rather easy upgrades, but they make a big difference. The cold you feel on your skin due to cold porcelain will become a thing of the past if you were t have a seated seat. The heating of the seat to 80 degrees provides an optimal temperature that doesn’t cause burns. Automated heated functions that depend on the frequency of toilet usage are additional advanced features you will find. For instance, if a toilet is used frequently in the morning, it can be set to automatically heat up at this time. Heat seats are usually powered by a typical wall outlet. You are advised to always have a competent plumber to avoid the toilet pipes meddling with toilet seat power supplies.
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Despite bidets being in the US for quite some time, we are yet to catch up when stacked up against a country like Japan, or China. Bidets are essentially a streaming jet of water used to clean you off after visiting the washroom. All you need is push a small button on the toilet so as to have the system activated.
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Many international toilets boast of automated features for easy management and access. Thanks to seat sensors installed at the toilet seat front, users can nowadays delight in toilet seats that automatically rise as they approach. There are even toilets made of glow in the dark materials, or have lights that give a clear vision even in the middle of the night. Use the washroom with no need to turn the light on. Computer integration and apps have become a big part of daily living. Toilets have not been left behind because there are some that help in medical and interactivity matters. Some toilet sensors are able to tell blood sugar and body fat levels. This information can be used by doctors to assist in diagnosing problems, and make alterations to particular diets. Voice activation features can automatically raise the seat, flush the toilet, and even activate a bidet. These toilet upgrades in most cases will cost top dollar as they are not as common. You are advised to talk to a qualified plumber to get ideal prices, as well as equipment well suited for your bathroom.