A Complete Guide to Process Your Own Meat at Home

Meat Processed Meat Recipes – For some, some call it ground meat, some are familiar with minced meat. Basically it’s all the same, obviously this meat is often a mainstay of housewives.

Milled meat or so-called minced meat is meat that is cut by using a meat grinder tool to obtain refined meat processing to be processed into certain foods.

Overview Of Processed Meat Recipe

Milled meat is often chosen because in addition to versatile, the price is cheaper than a piece of whole meat. Especially about the taste was no less delicious with whole meat, depending on how you process it.

Minced meat or minced meat can be cooked into a variety of processed recipes of ground meat delicious and nutritious. There is a fatty beef and some are low in fat. Minced meat or minced meat you can serve into the type of cuisine that is juicy or dry, fried, boiled, burned, salted, and smoked.

The low fat meat processed meat recipe is good for you on a diet program. Usually, these nonfat meat rollers will be slightly more expensive than the fatty beef.

Miller meat contains many nutrients in it, including Protein, contains saturated fat, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, Iron (Fe), omega fatty acids, and Zinc (Zn). All of these nutrients are very good for the health of the body and also substances that support the growth of children.

If in traditional markets and supermarkets, usually we often find there are two types of meat rollers are available, namely the usual and special. Although cursory looks the same, but still there is a difference, which lies in the composition of meat and fat.

If on ordinary ground meat, the ratio is 85:15. So, in a kilo of ground meat there are 850 grams of meat and 150 grams of fat. While on special ground beef, the ratio is 95: 5. So in one kilogram of ground beef there is 950 grams of meat and 50 grams of fat.

In addition, the difference you can see in the color of the meat. Milled meat that has a lot of fat color red and white. While the non-greasy red color only. But even so, the taste quality of this ground beef is equally delicious.

If the beef, usually the ground meat is the hump (blade), quads (chuck), brisket (brisket), and flank. If the chicken meat, usually the ground is the chest and thighs. Milled meat is preferable to people, especially children, because it’s a soft texture makes it easier to chew.

One of the advantages of this ground meat is versatile, so it can be processed into a variety of processed meat recipes, such as meatballs, spaghetti, burgers, stir-fry, fried sauce, and many more.