4 Months, 6 Months, Or Somewhere In Between? (4)

I totally perceive Roxanne’s confusion, as a result of there’s a lot of conflicting recommendation on this subject. My husband thinks that ALL of his meals must be pureéd as a result of he did not start solids at 6 months (the logic being that his body still isn’t ready for chunkier meals as a result of it hasn’t had time to regulate to digesting them yet), whereas I was underneath the impression that the feel of the food he can eat has extra to do along with his biological age and motor abilities at this point- plus his preferences!

But researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – who surveyed 1,334 new mothers – discovered that almost ninety three percent of these ladies had launched strong meals to their infants earlier than 6 months, that 40 percent did it before the 4-month mark, and that 9 p.c had offered solids to their babies before they were even 4 weeks outdated, based on the examine, printed at this time in Pediatrics.

In a examine of 16,000 U.K. infants, tracked for the first 8 months of life, beginning solids did not improve their risk of hospitalization for diarrhea or lower respiratory tract an infection, regardless of the age they took their first bite.19 Strangely, the Honduras RCTs discovered that the 6-month EBF babies were truly a little more more likely to get sick (higher respiratory tract infections in one study12 and diarrhea in the other13) compared with these beginning solids at four months.

I was working with a lactation advisor at that time and he or she stated that it will probably take up to 10 days of feedings for a baby to get used to a brand new formulation and since we had been solely supplementing a few times a day I did not figure we would ever get to the purpose where we would attain used to” and I kinda really feel like reflux meds are over prescribed.

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