3 Businesses You Can Run While Traveling the World

A lot of people dream of owning their own business, while others fantasize about traveling the world. Why not make the best of both worlds by jump starting a company that you can operate while traveling abroad? There are thousands of people already successfully doing this so why can’t you? Sure, it will take some time to find a niche to break into and to start earning an income. But it all starts with you.

Here are some ideas you can pursue while enjoying a boat ride in Paris, Italy or wherever else you dream of one day going.

Open an Amazon Store

The days of needing a warehouse to run a retail shop are long gone. Today, you can drop ship everything or have it all sent to an Amazon warehouse. The great thing about owning a store on Amazon is that much of the marketing is done for you. If you have hot products people want to buy, have it shipped to an Amazon warehouse near you and they will drop ship it to customers as they buy it. All you have to do is maintain the customer service and inventory.

Become a Writer or Editor

There are no upfront costs of becoming a writer or editor, except having a laptop with internet connection. Of course, you can always connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot at a local restaurant or hotel along your travels. You can offer various services, such as writing articles, e-books, books and blogs. You can even open up your own website and place ads on it for revenue.

Become a Travel Vlogger

A lot of people enjoy watching travel videos on YouTube, especially when they’re planning a trip to various destinations. Give reviews of different restaurants, hotels and attractions across the world, and watch your audience grow. You can then monetize your videos with ads from Google Adwords.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a great feat, especially when it’s a mobile business. If you can do this, you can buy your own boat and start traveling the seas. You can buy quality boating parts from West Marine.